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In order to wash the window in the living space or in individual housing, it is necessary to make a stock of perseverance, optimal tools and devices. If you do not want to spend the period and power in pro window cleaning the war with absolutely all these inconveniences, order a proposal to wash the Windows in the cleaning company «Simple period» – and earlier very soon you can enjoy the result of high-quality activities of specialists.

What enters the window washing
According to experts cleaning think about this order carefully shone the whole window system, and not just glass. In the integral mode I will wash:

glass any window with two edges;
frames inside and outside;
soffits, sills and including lodjapuu door.
In this case, if you need to wash the window with only one edge or, on the contrary, need more support services to the sample, cleaning mosquito nets, you need to more accurately determine the presence of this period of ordering. Based on this, one or another will be a feature of the service, I will make a clear estimate. Our activities will give you the opportunity to save an invaluable period, which is constantly thus not enough. As long as I become necessary to work neatness of your Windows, you can walk, go to the cinema, talk to family, walk around the shopping center or simply enjoy a Cup of fragrant espresso. You will professional window cleaning not need to take part in the labor process, our employees will bring with them all the required cleaning resources and special equipment.

The benefits of our activities:
full protection of absolutely all used in the work of money, with which does not tolerate the letter of your health, the letter of the state of health of your Pets;
responsibility for the safety of your property (in case of deterioration I will compensate the price);
great skill, providing a significant pace and property activities;
accurate implementation of absolutely all works and transformation into the procedure of the working area – after washing the Windows in the walls and other surfaces does not find yourself unclean streaks or prints from the handles.
Services according to the washing of Windows in the Capital I provide clearly in the period. Our cleaners are in no way late, as they are well aware that this will inevitably spoil your idea of working together. Head to the «Simple period» and I will provide you with the highest property service!